Fendi final collection is undoubtedly a celebration Fendi’s most famous bags. Fendi has reinterpreted the iconic Baguette bag and Peekaboo bag in new materials for her Spring 2021 ready to wear collection. The collection combines these styles with modern handbag trends such as the multi-bag look. It honors Fendi’s history and revels in the most outrageous bag fashions of the season.

Fendi also unveils a host of new bags that reflect the house’s quirky and vibrant design aesthetic.

Fendi’s last family member, the designer has left the house. This marks the end of an era. Kim Jones, previously of Louis Vuitton and Dior is now Fendi’s artistic chief of women’s collection.

Fendi 2Jours Petite Shopping Tote Bag

Venturini Fendi used a variety of materials and a vintage aesthetic for her farewell collection. Venturini Fendi said that she wanted to “connect with the past.”

We have a review of Fendi’s Spring 2021 ready to wear collection. It includes everything from the bizarre and absurd to the beautiful. Enjoy!

We Go to the Shops!

What is spring 2021 going to need? This structured pink basket bag will transform any grocery shopping trip into a stylish affair. The small, top-handled structured bag features a hard crisscrossed material throughout and a circular Fendi logo in the centre. Its shape is similar to a shopping bag. This is not the type of fashion that you might associate with high-end fashion. But, there are few things more glamorous than running errands wearing luxury couture!

Venturini Fendi’s spring 2021 collection features a semi-circle-shaped cross-body flap bag. This new style features visible stitching along its edge and Fendi’s famous FF logo placed at the clasp. This style reminds us of Dior’s new Bobby bag.

The Replica Fendi collection features the Bobby in three colors: mustard yellow, white, and chestnut brown.

You will find keychains for the mustard yellow option, which includes a small flask holder and a small wicker container. This bag is perfect for spring picnics and teases the popular multi-bag trend.

Another Slouchy Pouch!

The Replica Fendi Baguette Bags were undoubtedly the most popular and unexpected ‘It” bags of 2018. Fendi’s spring 2021 collection takes its inspiration from 2JOURS, a relaxed design that is very popular. Fendi has created a new clutch bag with a more slouchy style.

This style is made from a crochet material that looks similar to the Fendi handbag Kylie Jenner recently spotted on Instagram. Fendi’s pouch features a thick, wicker handle that is the archetypal carfree spring/summer design.

The design Replica Fendi Bags comes in a dark beige shade. The bag is finished with a matching micro-crochet pouch in bright lemon yellow. It is clear that the trend of attaching small bags to larger styles in order to create multi-bag looks is not going away.

The house does not stop with pouches when it comes to crochet bags. Venturini Fendi also has a half-moon-shaped shoulder bag with Fendi’s iconic FF logo as a flap closure. As a keychain, the bag also features a mini flask holder.

Many of us have lost touch and feel disconnected from nature since being forced to stay inside for several months because of the pandemic. Venturini Fendi’s collection includes a fisherman net bag. This is the closest we have been to nature in a long time.