Fendi bags are known to pique bag fancies and interests of bagaholics so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Italian brand is slowly but surely owning the luxury bag game. Let’s stop beating around the bush and let’s talk about the Fendi Peekaboo Denim Replica Back To School Backpacks as they further amplify its label’s name in the bag pedestal with their compact and functional design.

A new backpack from Fendi’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection, its Back To School name is perhaps inspired by school backpack but these bags come with a fashionable twist. Why? Let’s find out. Featuring a smooth calfskin leather with a unique design of palladium-plated studs on the leather top, this backpack carries its own chic personality. It also features a front flap with an embossed Fendi signature and a metal magnetic ring-shaped fastening for an added sense of security.



Aside from these, its top leather with chain also allows you to transition it to a shoulder bag, a backpack or to a tote bag, whichever way you prefer it. As you can see, this bag is also all about multi-functionality with its multi-carry purpose as you can stylishly carry it as a backpack with its large chain.

These Fendi Peekaboo Limited Edition Replica Back To School Backpacks also feature an additional detachable short shoulder strap with double spring clip. Available via Farfetch.

And here are the details:

Fendi Mini Back To School Backpacks
Total this bag gets 4 stars. The Peekaboo is perfect as an everyday tote, a work tote, a weekend bag, and outside. I love the dimensions I’ve (regular), and couldn’t love the colour more if I tried to!If that you wish to understand a number of my other favorite Peekaboo bags available right now, these all make the record: that black with gold studs is really stylish, the snowy monster!!! , this classic men’s variant which many women opt for, this Micro variant has ever been a favorite, I love Fendi Peekaboo Nappa Replica blues, and you can’t fail with one of those traditional regulars like mine.Fendi has been focusing on the importance of this bag and seems to be maintaining all Peekaboo earnings to its online shop. I can’t track down a Peekaboo on any other retailer, but there’s a plethora on Fendi.com. And I can attest to the gorgeous packaging that the bag comes from: a fantastic yellow Fendi box that opens up to show off your Peekaboo. I love the experience of unboxing a bag (view my unbox my Peekaboo here) since it adds to the adventure, and this tote is delightful from start to finish.When I first wrote this article, my specific colour ( which they call green, but it’s much more than simply ‘green’) was sold out, but it is back in stock!!! The rest of the colors and options are available on Fendi.com, and another Frequent Peekaboo’s are $4,200 at Fendi.com.The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has had a somewhat unusual trajectory. Following its introduction in 2009, it experienced the normal rise and fall of fame that almost all bags have. Then, however, it did something that number of totes each do –it came back on a couple years after its initial summit. Some time circa 2014, the bag had a quick renaissance, and today it is again one of Fendi’s very popular models.
Size: 19,5 x 18 x 9,5 (L x H x D) cm
Prices: $1680 USD, €1390 euro, £1340 GBP, $2290 CAD

Fendi Back To School Backpacks
Size: 29 x 23 x 12 (L x H x D) cm
Prices: $1980 USD, €1690 euro, £1620 GBP, $2800 CAD











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It is possible for a tote to come back, of course, but it’s exceptionally rare that you makes a turnaround that fast; usually, bags which are only a few years old just feel drowsy. It’s a testament to both the Peekaboo’s classic looks and Fendi’s keen eye for handbag reinvention the bag is sought after again, and in addition, it makes the Peekaboo an ideal candidate for our Ultimate Bag Guide. “Fendi Peekaboo Bag” — Peekaboo? What does the name says? Word has it, that its name comes from the way this bag is shaped, or some say it’s due to the signature Zucca jacquard lining that’s peeking from its inside when the bag is opened. Also, do you remember a popular childhood game applicable to this title! Yes, you guessed it right, this tote is admiringly termed on this very game; as it opens and opens through the flap really easily.Fans spend ages researching, reviewing and scrolling by using their favorite brands and products and here, your cherished Fendi Peekaboo has an intriguing tale of entry and exit. First Launched in Spring/Summer 2009 set, this bag made an unbelievable turnaround so fast that you won’t actually believe. Like all those usual bags that come and go, it too had low and high demand graphs, but what makes it intermittent is its prevalence after making a comeback in years.If we think about the sad season of 2014, when our dear Peekaboo faced a decrease, then we’d discover that the bag surprisingly came nicely in demand. The most likely causes of this could be Fendi’s brilliant mindset and the classic design of the beauty.Transporting you to a full-on parallel dimension, this is not even close to any additional bag. Supreme accessibility, safety (thanks to the glistening spin locks) of belongings, a classy interior peeking outside in a never-seen-before manner, extensive detail into craftsmanship and sophisticated style make this a very distinctive and enjoyable tote. Like a stylish, stylish and functional piece that is made to continue forever, the Fendi Peekaboo bag was designed to last annually.