For many, great handbags are alongside breathing, and this Fendi Peekaboo Images Replica here, is just that! Just one handle, adjustable shoulder strap, twist lock on either side, stunning metalware, engraved Fendi emblem and protective metal feet; what can you fantasize in a Fendi handbag! This made from Italy piece has a thin elastic as well as detachable cross-body shoulder strap for versatility and comfort.You can tote around your belongings by using one of the two handles; one by carrying in your hand and the shoulder strap over your shoulder. Best part? The tiny metal feets at the bottom not just keep your bag erect and secure but also keep the luxurious bottom clean and scratch-free. Sizes offered are Micro, Mini, Regular and Large; carry the little one as a clutch to the night out, medium size Peekaboo as your regular bag and the massive size when you are needed to transport more.If you haven’t noticed, the most fun-element of the thing is yet to be discussed. When you open this striking handbag as it shows itself at the most one-off pattern you haven’t ever noticed. The straps and the clasps are attached to one side and another side drops down with a slouchy look to show the interior.Also, your favorite Fendi is crafted of the best materials from around the world; suede, corduroy, leathers, canvas, etc.. Leathers like leopard skin, goatskin, contrasting colors and mad prints make it even more exciting. As an added bonus to your style statement, you will find splendid hues and shades to coincide with every single ensemble of your wardrobe.Good things occur when you think from the box, and Fendi is a label for luxury and creativity. A Nappa inner lining interior is peeking outside displaying your possessions in a fashionable slouchy pattern. The distance is large enough to get a bag to devote all of your requirements safely. You’re blessed with two internal compartments separated by a stiff partition, inside walls and zippered pockets for money, cards, keys, shine etc..


Just imagine.

What would our lives be without chocolates, shoes and… Italian artisan. It would be like living on the moon with an unlimited credit card.

As we’ve said earlier, backpacks are become more and more popular, the Fendi Bag Bugs Backpack is another proof for our statement. Usually the shape and the functionality are just the same, but you have to love the fact that it’s designed totally in another way.

Which…gives a different experience.

Meet the angry face of Bag Bugs, be happy that’s on your back and not on your face. Everyone behind you will think three times before knocking on your shoulder.

But the Bag Bugs is very creative, besides its two eyes and white/blue banner on its forehead, the additional (large) front-pocket supposed to be his mouth. Then it has even white hair on the top, exactly on the spot where the handle is.

Don’t give this Bag Bugs too much stress, or else its hair will fall off. The bag is refined with Silver Sellia Plaque with engraved serial number. Partly made from calf leather and caiman leather, measuring 34 x 40 x 20 (L x H x D) cm, priced around €3300 euro.