I’m not good at keeping any type of New Year’s resolutions, so that I did not place any personal ones. But it’s simpler for me to put them if it comes to luggage (obviously I’m a authentic bag woman at heart), and one of my professional settlements for 2018 would be to bring you more Purseonals and general bag testimonials. What better way to kick off the New Year than with a fresh bag and an in-depth review?Here’s your first look at my new Fendi Peekaboo With Eyes Replica Peekaboo, a bag I’ve lusted after for more years than I could count. When this bag entered the attachment world, it immediately made it’s way to the classic group. It combines elegance with casualness in a manner that many bags can’t, and due to that it fits my own aesthetic well. It’s easy to lump bags to “dressy” or “everyday,” and many do lend themselves to a single classification or another, but I find that the Peekaboo to work either way. That is particularly true since Fendi delivers the tote in so many variations, from big and comprehensive to small and simple.The understated trapezoid arrangement is instantly classic: it doesn’t taper too thin towards the surface, but nevertheless offers a slick, recognizable form. There’s a single top grip, which I value over typical double top handles, along with an optional shoulder strap (which doesn’t add anything aesthetically, but is a complete must-have). Though the bag appears to be straightforward, it’s all in the details exquisite calfskin leather, intricate stitching, edge-painted sides. The hardware in front of this bag is a bronze shade (this varies with each bag’s color blend) that somehow appears even prettier with every new light I view it in.


Let’s assume that the world is yours, you have everything what you desire. Your wardrobe is filled with the most gorgeous handbags and shoes in the world. And you made even the Queen from Snow White jealous.

Then at an ordinary day, while you’re shopping here and there, you stumble upon the Fendi Peekaboo Calfskin Replica Micro Peekaboo Bag. And your mind starts to pop these hatch tags,

Kids Company work with vulnerable and traumatised children in the UK who have been victims of child neglect and abuse. The bag are created by some of the most celebrated women who have worked closely together with Silvia Venturini Fendi, mind of leather goods and granddaughter of the brand’s founders, Edoardo and Adele Fendi.Singer Adele; actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomie Harris; versions Cara Delevingne; Jerry Hall and her daughter Georgia May Jagger; architect Zaha Hadid; style illustrator Tanya Ling; artist Tracey Emin and journalist Kate Adie have each made their very own one-off bags.All proceeds from the sale will go into a charity which helps abused children in the U.K., known as Kids Company. The bags can be bought through www.fendi.com/peekaboo-auction and the auction runs till May 30. Soon, Fendi will be back in London! Fendi has roped in high-profile girls including Tracey Emin, Gwyneth Paltrow,Naomie Harris, Cara Delevingne, Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, Zaha Hadid, Tanya Ling, Adele and Kate Adie to design customized variants of Fendi’s legendary Peekaboo handbag.Fendi has teamed up with those ten women for the Peekaboo project that’s basically a fashion-driven charity initiative to raise funds for Kids Company.

The Fendi Peekaboo Mini Price Replica Peekaboo Bag was originally launched in the Spring Summer 2009 Collection. Since then this bag has been loved by many fashionista’s. And today, it’s available in Micro version.

It’s tiny and cute. The bag function just like the Fendi Peekaboo Alternative Replica Micro Monster Baguette Bag, you can attach it to medium sized or large bag, like the 3Jours Tote Bag

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And…(what you will love the most), it’s released in summer colors like Blue, Fuchsia, Light Pink, Light Yellow. And I know, I know, you want all the colors! Me too.

I am not good at maintaining any type of New Year’s resolutions, so I did not place any personal ones. Nonetheless, it’s easier for me to put them when it comes to bags (obviously I’m a true tote girl in your mind), and among my professional resolutions for 2018 is to bring you longer Purseonals and general luggage testimonials. When this tote entered the accessory world, it immediately made it’s way to the traditional category. The Peekaboo is quintessentially Fendi, and will always be a staple for your own brand.I LOVE how this bag looks. It combines elegance with casualness in a way that many bags cannot, and because of that it fits my own aesthetic well. It’s easy to bulge bags into “dressy” or “everyday,” and lots of do give themselves to a single classification or the other, but that I find the Peekaboo to function either way. That’s especially true because Fendi offers the bag in so many versions, from large and comprehensive to little and simple.The understated trapezoid structure is immediately classic: it does not taper too thin towards the surface, but still provides a sleek, recognizable form. There’s just one top grip, which I value over typical double top handles, and an optional shoulder strap (which does not add anything aesthetically, but is an absolute must-have). While the bag appears to be simple, it is all in the details ; beautiful calfskin leather, intricate stitching, edge-painted sides. The hardware on the front of the bag is a bronze shade (this varies with every bag’s color blend) that somehow appears even prettier with every new light I see it in.

Made from lambskin, it features a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. The interior is crafted with two compartments and one patch pocket.

Measuring 11.5 x 15 x 5.2 (H x W x D) cm, priced around $1500 USD, €1100 euro via Luisa Via Roma.

Pick! Which is one your favorite?

WWD reports that these unique bespoke bags will be put on display at Fendi’s new boutique on New Bond Street from May 2. Categorized as collector pieces, the designed-for-a-cause Peekaboo handbags may go under the hammer from May 1 to May 30 in fendi.com/peekaboo-auction. It has also been reported that two of every designs will be made, of which one will be kept by the celebrity programmer. The gist of dualism, the Peekaboo reveals a romantic side that plays with contrasting materials and hues. The Peekaboo is also available in the Made To Order room at the New Bond Street store where clients can customize their very own handbag.Silvia Venturini Fendi Peekaboo Keychain Price Replica quoted, “Growing up in a family of strong and pioneering females, I’m excited that such iconic girls, leaders within their own fields, have been involved in this endeavor, with this iconic Fendi tote. This project will not only allow Fendi to operate with these incredible women, but also to raise valuable funds for Kids Company and help support their work.” Until then take a look at the beautiful pictures of this swanky interior of Fendi’s Paris flagship store at 51, Avenue Montaigne and the Fendi Boutique in Via Montenapoleone, Milan.
Overall this tote gets 4 stars. The Peekaboo is ideal as an everyday tote, a work bag, a weekend purse, and outside. I really like the size I’ve (regular), and could not adore the color more if I attempted to!If that you wish to know a number of my other favorite Peekaboo bags available right now, these all make the list: that black with gold studs is so stylish, the snowy monster!!! , this classic men’s variant which many women elect for, this Micro version has ever been a favorite, I love Fendi Peekaboo Green Replica blues, and you can’t fail with one of those traditional regulars such as mine.Fendi has been focusing on the significance of this tote and looks to be keeping all Peekaboo sales to its online shop. I can not locate a Peekaboo on another retailer, but there’s a plethora on Fendi.com. And I can attest to the beautiful packaging that the bag comes from: a great yellow Fendi box which opens to show off your Peekaboo. I love the experience of unboxing a tote (view my unbox my Peekaboo here) since it adds to the experience, and this bag is beautiful from start to finish.When I wrote this post, my particular color ( which they call green, but it is SO much more than just ‘green’) was sold out, but it’s now back in stock!!! All other colours and choices are available on Fendi.com, and another Frequent Peekaboo’s are4,200 in Fendi.com.The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has had a somewhat unusual trajectory. Following its debut in 2009, it experienced the rise and fall of fame that almost all bags possess. Afterward, though, it did something that few bags each doit came back on a couple years after its first peak. Some time circa 2014, the bag had a fast renaissance, and now it’s again one of Fendi’s very well-known models.


For this new version of Bag Versus, we’ve compared two Sac A Main Fendi Peekaboo Replica handbags, the new Dotcom bag and the timeless Peekaboo Bag. Both bags features a top handle using a structured shape. These two tote bags are fantastic for everyday use with spacious inside and flexible design. Let’s check out the difference between the two.The Fendi Dotcom Bag is your brand’s most up-to-date design. Introduced for your Resort 2016 Collection, its distinctive feature is the contrasting detachable pouch that has a metallic stud, visible on the bag’s exterior, thus the name Dotcom. This pouch may be used by itself, as a clutch bag. The Dotcom Bag includes a detachable shoulder strap. It has two zipped pockets and two internal flat pockets. The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has been one of the newest most well-known designs. It came out for Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. Even after seven decades, the Peekaboo Bag has still remained its popularity. It has been made available in various kinds of materials, Calfskin, Python, Fur, Shearling to name a few. The bag has a twist lock closure, and may be left open to show the bag’s interior which is also offered in a variety of fashions. It includes a single removable/adjustable shoulder strap. The Peekaboo Bag is an iconic item, that has a timeless and classic design. The tote’s unique attributes make it a more stand out display piece compared to Dotcom. Additionally, there is a variety of layouts and sizes to select from, based upon your style.







The Peekaboo line made by Fendi Peekaboo Barneys Replica and found in spring/summer 2009 collection. The tote is lovingly named after this favorite child hood game since the top flaps are extremely easy to open and shut very fast, keeping your items safe while allowing for an ease of access. Able to be closed by spin locks, all things are kept secure during transportation and easily accessible.Some state the “Peekaboo” name stems from how in which the bag is formed. The bag opens in the very top, the clasp and strap attached to one side. The flip side, with all the soft supple leather drops away with a slouchy seem to show what’s inside. Other people say the name denotes the signature Zucca jacquard lining material that peeks out when the bag is opened. In either circumstance, the bag has adorning features.For the occasion of opening its new flagship Londoner, the Italian manufacturer Fendi has utilized 9 well known stars to customize the bag “Peekaboo” however they desire. Stars like Cara Delevingne, Adele and Georgia May Jagger have played the apprentice stylists with the iconic design tote to make marvellous results.Presented from the London shop throughout the month of May, the bags will also be auctioned off starting May 1, on the Fendi’s website.And it is for good reason. Thee proceeds will be given fully into the Kids Company charity, which aims to assist children and youth achieve their dreams.Let’s cover just a little story… First that the Selleria bag is not just a bag, it was a dream and a vision of Adele, the creator of FENDI. The Selleria was created around the exact same decade like the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag, imagine what sort of heritage you are currently facing. Throughout the years, the Selleria tote have changed the leather is refined, the shape has improved and made larger.