One of Fendi’s prized possessions, cult-favorites and best-sellers are its Peekaboo bags that have been in the fashion market for quite sometime now. Up to this day, Fendi Peekaboo Heavy Replica is still offering more to its patrons and other bag lovers out there with its newest Mini Ostrich Peekaboo bag that looks every inch luxurious.

The peekaboo bags come in different colors, textures, sizes, and materials and there is one design that will surely catch your attention. The Fendi Mini Ostrich Peekaboo on the other hand caught not only our attention but our hearts as well for it comes in three irresistibly bright colors: yellow, pink and green. The ostrich leather on the other hand lends an aura of sophistication and elegance all at once.

Pictures courtesy of: beau.n.belle

Overall this tote gets 4 stars. The Peekaboo is ideal as an everyday tote, a work tote, a weekend bag, and beyond. I love the size I have (regular), and couldn’t adore the color more if I tried to!If that you want to know some of my other favourite Peekaboo bags available right now, these all make the record: that black with gold studs is so stylish, the white monster!!! , this classic men’s version which many women elect for, this Micro variant has ever been a favorite, I love Fendi blues, and you can’t fail with one of those traditional regulars like mine.Fendi has been focusing on the significance of this tote and seems like maintaining all Peekaboo sales to its own online store. I can’t locate a Peekaboo on another merchant, but there’s a plethora on Fendi.com. And I can testify to the gorgeous packaging that the bag comes in: a great yellow Fendi box that opens up to show off your Peekaboo. I love the adventure of unboxing a bag (see my unbox my Peekaboo here) as it pertains to the experience, and this bag is beautiful from start to finish.When I wrote this article, my particular colour ( which they call green, but it is SO much more than just ‘green’) was sold out, but it’s now back in stock!!! The rest of the colors and choices are available on Fendi.com, and another Frequent Peekaboo’s are4,200 in Fendi.com.The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has experienced a somewhat unusual trajectory. After its introduction in 2009, it experienced the rise and fall of popularity that virtually all bags have. Then, though, it did something that few totes each doit came back to a couple years after its initial summit. Some time circa 2014, the bag had a fast renaissance, and now it’s one of Fendi’s most popular models.