If you get to pick only one of Fendi’s trendiest bags, make sure you get to take home its iconic Peekaboo bag. Yes, the Peekaboo line has been in existence in the fashion world since its Spring/Summer 2009 collection therefore owning one is already a bragging right.

Ever wondered why it’s called Peekaboo? Some theorized that it was derived from the favorite classic childhood game as the top flaps can be opened easily and shut very quickly thus giving you easy access.

Over the years, we have seen how the Peekaboo bag has evolved as it came in different materials, sizes and styles. The original verison comes in satchel material while the latest one comes with python stitches.

We love how dark and vampy the red color is on this Peekaboo bag. It is even made even prettier by the python stiches on the sides and mind you, the handles are also made from python leather thus giving it a touch of glamour and style. Imagine walking down the street wearing a crisp and clean white dress, black pumps while wearing this peekaboo bag on your hands. We could only imagine divine perfection at its finest.

It’s possible for a tote to return, obviously, but it is exceptionally rare that you makes a turnaround that quickly; usually, bags that are only a few years old just feel tired. It is a testament to both the Peekaboo’s classic looks and Fendi’s keen eye for handbag reinvention the bag is sought after more, and it also makes the Peekaboo an ideal candidate for our Ultimate Bag Guide. What does the name says? Word has it, that the name comes from how this bag is shaped, or any say it is because of the signature Zucca jacquard liner that is peeking from its interior when the bag is opened. Also, do you remember a popular childhood game relevant to this title! Yes, you guessed it correctly, this bag is admiringly termed on this very game; as it opens and shuts through the flap really easily.Fans spend ages researching, reviewing and scrolling by using their favorite brands and goods and here, your cherished Fendi Peekaboo Jakarta Replica Peekaboo has an intriguing narrative of entrance and exit. First debuted in Spring/Summer 2009 set, this tote made an unbelievable turnaround so fast you won’t even believe. Like those usual bags that come and go, it too had reduced and higher demand graphs, but what makes it atypical is its popularity following making a comeback in years.If we consider the sad year of 2014, when our beloved Peekaboo confronted a decrease, then we’d notice that the bag surprisingly came well in demand. The most likely causes of this can be Fendi’s brilliant mindset along with the classic design of the beauty.Transporting you to a full size parallel dimension, this isn’t even near any other bag. Supreme accessibility, safety (thanks to its gleaming spin locks) of belongings, a classy inside peeking out in a never-seen-before manner, extensive detail to craftsmanship and sophisticated style make this a very distinctive and fun tote. Just like a fashionable, fashionable and functional piece that’s made to continue forever, the Fendi Peekaboo tote was designed to last for year.



Pictures courtesy of: pastilashop