Something wonderful to look at for this season? Well, we have just the trick – presenting, the Fendi Peekaboo 2017 Replica Pouch Micro Peekaboo Shoulder Bag, another piece that belongs to the ‘royal’ lineage of bags that are loved and adored by celebs and bag enthusiasts alike. The Pouch Micro is bursting with playful charm, since it plays with the light just wonderfully. Feel like a disco ball glowing from within by sporting this one-of-a-kind piece!

The bag is heavily decorated with intricate gold beading, which makes it a statement piece. HIgh-shine, you’d say? Then look no further ‘coz it’s here! It even comes with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap which makes it super versatile – carry with your hands or over your shoulders, it’s up to ou. Inside, it has two internal compartments and a fabric-lined slot pocket, so you’ll never have to fumble with your stuff (‘coz it keeps ‘em organized!).

Measuring 4.5” x 6” x 2” inches, contact or visit your local Fendi boutique now for more information. This piece is priced at around $2,100 USD or €1,580 EUR.




Overall this bag gets 4 stars. The Peekaboo is ideal as an everyday tote, a work bag, a weekend purse, and beyond. I really like the dimensions I have (regular), and couldn’t adore the colour more if I attempted to!If that you wish to understand some of my other favorite Peekaboo bags out there right now, these all make the list: this black with gold studs is so stylish, the snowy monster!!! , this classic men’s variant which many women elect for, this Micro variant has ever been a favorite, I love Fendi blues, and you can not fail with one of the traditional regulars like mine.Fendi has been focusing on the significance of this bag and seems like maintaining all Peekaboo earnings to its own online shop. I can’t track down a Peekaboo on another merchant, but there’s a plethora on Fendi.com. And I can testify to the gorgeous packaging the tote comes from: a great yellow Fendi box that opens to show off your Peekaboo. I always love the adventure of unboxing a tote (view my unbox my Peekaboo here) as it adds to the experience, and this tote is beautiful from start to finish.When I wrote this article, my specific colour ( they call green, but it is much more than just ‘green’) was sold out, but it’s back in stock!!! The rest of the colours and choices are offered on Fendi.com, and also another Frequent Peekaboo’s are4,200 in Fendi.com.The Fendi Peekaboo Bag has had a somewhat unusual trajectory. Following its introduction in 2009, it experienced the normal rise and fall of popularity that almost all bags have. Then, though, it did something that number of bags each doit came back to a couple years after its initial peak. A while circa 2014, the bag had a quick renaissance, and now it’s one of Fendi’s most well-known models.