Not everyone falls for the charm of the ‘Micro Bags’, some want to stick with the larger accessories because they need to carry stuff around. And the Micro’s are not really helpful.

Purposely made for those that absolutely adore the Fendi Backpack Shop Replica 2jours Bag, but needs more space, the 3jours bag is designed in green with exotic leather. It’s bold, charming and chic, if you’ve a wallet deeper than the Mariana Trench, take a shot for this summer.


There is a reason why the Monster Backpacks are sold-out rapidly, you need to hunt for them in order to catch one. A pocket full of cash will not help you. The latest version is designed in multi-color and non-leather, the colors go great with this season.


Here’s another Monster backpack from the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, with its dangerous eyes and front-zip as its mouth, the latest version includes a shoulder strap that’s partly made in chains. Of course, the size is just perfect medium. It features a double zipper with long leather that represents its hair.


Or you can just go with a Small-sized Fendi Peekaboo Bag – the easiest way to secure yourself an iconic bag.









We are all inundated with choices in each aspect of our lives, from style choices to the cereal aisle in the supermarket. Bag designers are constantly churning out new bits for us to choose from, and it requires a special bag to pique interests. Occasionally a brand nails one tote and actually rests on that design to bring from the eyes and dollars, while other manufacturers can offer a group of luggage that many love.Right today Fendi isn’t merely in addition to its own bag sport, but also the on top of the tote game across all brands. Over the past few decades, Fendi has consistently been able to put in a new layouts that have made a major impact on the designer handbag world. I’m seriously trying to determine that Fendi bag I must buy myself right now.Here would be the seven big bags which are making a large impact in Fendi. You wouldn’t go wrong with any of those bags under, and it just makes my private bag-buying choice more difficult.Backpacks were once seen as simply utilitarian, but designers recognized there was a market for luxury backpacks and Fendi jumped onto the train. I adore this model; it’s pretty and incorporates the crystal-embellished tail detailing Fendi introduced on its By The Way bag.An epitome in hyped and luxurious streetwear. This nylon established tote comes packaged with lavish features from its clad steel zipper teeth into the Italian leather. A glowing red leather inlay finds itself inside the “mouth” front pocket of the tote to add personality to the open pouch fashion. Larger backpack with inside pocket and leather branding.