If you’ve been following us so far, you must have seen plenty of backpacks – with graphic print, smooth, extra small, with Teddy bear and also the elegant ones.

And in the category of the elegant ones include the Fendi Peekaboo Used Replica Selleria Backpack.

If you REALLY need to purchase a backpack, look no further than this piece of art. You see, the Fendi Selleria Collection is quite famous; in fact it consists one of the most classic bags in the fashion world. And when you combine that with a backpack style…

The crocodile tale is amazingly creative, such a simple adjustment and it entirely changes the appearance. Have you seen a backpack with a croc tale like this before? No?

Because it’s simply, it can match almost everything in your wardrobe. And besides it’s very useful too for city trips or vacation. It features a large front flap, which makes the design slightly different than any other backpack out there.

By way of example, I carry an EpiPen for Millie, and it fits perfectly in that compartment and that I actually really like placing it there–I can get to it if I need it, however, I don’t need it immediately accessible, such as my keys and wallet.The two main compartments are large and match a continental zip wallet, which will be my wallet of selection. The two segments are easy to get into, and owing to the light tan interior (that’s only on the middle partition– the front and back of the bag are all lined in microsuede), it’s easy to see what’s inside of each.The bag sits nicely in my entire body, and I always use the shoulder strap. The cool thing is you can change up the bag with a few of the many Fendi straps available, although any removable strap would get the job done. The strap the bag includes isn’t too slim, so it sits nicely on your shoulder. Whether carried by the top handle or strap, the bag is still easy to get in and out of, and because of the perfect sizing, I haven’t found myself needing to dig around long to get what I’m looking for.The only other downside is this bag is on the heavier side. I began paying more attention to the burden of my luggage as I’ve gotten old – which I guess is a sign of my aging too. The middle partition with all the stiff top adds extra weight along with the microsuede and leather lined inside. If I were to find a bigger size, I could see this being a problem, but at the normal dimensions, it doesn’t affect my usage of the tote.

Well, we’re not going to say too much, because we’ve already talked about this topic in depth.

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However, we needed you to see an insta-image to get a second opinion (in case you doubt its beauty).

Pictures courtesy of: beau.n.belle