Jerry Hall’s Peekaboo: A precious regular size Peekaboo in shiny red croco with tone on tone leather on the interior is inspired by Chinese culture.

The Peekaboo line followed the footsteps of the 2jours tote – an instant hit from the bottom to the top since it has been launched in the Spring Summer 2009 Collection. And so far so good, this tote has taken over the crown of the Spy Bag, which was once hot but now faded away in the background.

But to celebrate the new London Fendi Peekaboo Orange Replica flagship store (opening on May 1st) and in collaboration with the charity Kids Company, Fendi launched the Peekaboo Project. It’s basically Fendi and 10 iconic women, each designing their own Peekaboo Tote based on their own creative flair and intimate wit, selling it on an online auction to raise fund.

A short introduction about Kids Company; it’s a charity that helps vulnerable and traumatized children that often hide their abuse in order to survive.

The ten iconic women are: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, Adele, Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, Tracey Emin, Zaha Hadid, Naomie Harris, Anya Ling and Kate Adie.

And the 10 exclusive Peekaboo bags will be sold through online auction on Fendi.com in collaboration with Sotheby’s.

We are giving you a detailed view of all the bags that will be available, each has their own face, but I am mesmerized by the precious medium sized Peekaboo tote in shiny red croco, refined with tone on tone leather on the interior, a bag crafted by Jerry Hall and inspired by the Chinese culture.

Then Kate Adie created the dusty pink peekaboo tote, made from smooth leather. The interior is enriched with army camouflage pattern.

Check them all out…


Kate Adie’s Peekaboo:A revisited British army camouflage pattern is the theme of the reporter’s regular size Peekaboo in dusty pink leather


Tanya Ling’s Peekaboo: A hand painted illustration in dusty white and blue on leather becomes a large size Peekaboo




Adele’s Peekaboo: An amused smiling female expression is featured in the large size Peekaboo in Selleria three-coloured cuoio romano leather in bordeaux, pink and red





Cara Delevigne’s Peekaboo: This large size Peekaboo in white leather is an ironic celebration of the idea of a superwoman


Georgia May Jagger’s Peekaboo: A large size Peekaboo in canvas featuring a silk screened image of a photograph shot by herself covered with transparent sequins giving a shiny effect



Noamie Harris’s Peekaboo: A regular size Peekaboo in off-white leather features a silk screened image of the map of Africa in white and black vertical stripes representing the idea of equal human rights




Zaha Hadid’s Peekaboo: A very geometric and original design by the renowned architect becomes a regular size Peekaboo




Gwyneth Paltrow’s Peekaboo: An elegant and refined large size Peekaboo in shiny white croco with a white leather interior resembles the sophistication of this actress

Why do designers think men are prepared to buy into the tote trend? Tech is partially to blame. Men are lugging around big telephones such as the iPhone 6, as well as tablets, notebooks and iPads, along with the chargers to proceed with them. While they’re at it, men are throwing in different things, and lots of the new totes include loads of compartments such as wallets, sunglasses and the like. The luxury retailer certainly doesn’t do things by halves! Kids Company use vulnerable and traumatised children in the UK that have been victims of child abuse and neglect. It is surely a worthy cause so dig out your cheque book and bend your plastic!Fashion brand Fendi has collaborated with 10 famous women for the Peekaboo Project. The luxury retailer surely doesn’t do things by halves! The initiative will see profits raised contributed to children’s charity, Kids Company.

Tracey Emin’s Peekaboo: One of the artist’s recent watercolour paintings is reproduced in needlepoint on a large size Peekaboo to express the idea of always bringing with her one of her artworks