From outside our flagship store, in the South-facing picture window, a shimmery wall of gold-toned cutouts frame a new-season Louis Vuitton showpiece. Around the corner, CHANEL mannequins in airline chic (remember that show?) allow for just a peek through the glass to the handbags and accessories inside.


Downtown Seattle Nordstrom 

Inside, near the Beauty department, a striking image of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander carting one of this season’s hot Louis Vuitton Twist replica bags reaches almost as high as the ceiling. And down the way, the shop of iconic Gucci handbags is as vivid and alluring as the brand’s super-popular campaign images. And then there’s the ascent up the escalators: upon one’s arrival on the second floor, a studio of CHANEL apparel calls to mind the legend of Coco’s Paris apartment, while cool-girl looks at the Saint Laurent hideout coax an approachable nightclub vibe.

In short, with the addition of nine brand-new shop-in-shop boutiques, the in-progress remodel at our downtown Seattle flagship has lately yielded a gorgeous and inspiring trip down a high-style European avenue. May we offer you a guided tour?

First stop: Louis Vuitton, where the Twist collection’s colorful summer specials—those exotic birds—have arrived to join an assortment of fine women’s and men’s leather goods, travel items, accessories and textiles, as well as other It-hits like the City Steamer and a selection of Epi chain styles.


Photo credit: Louis Vuitton/Paul Warchol

Chanel Handbags

Updates to our preexisting first-floor CHANEL boutique mean almost twice as many tweed carryalls, covetable cuffs and pearl-accented accessories. Continue on and you’ll encounter the world of Fendi accessories, where a sense of playfulness meets all old-world craftsmanship, and Prada, where luxury and tradition are everything.

Fendi Handbags

Prada Handbags


Upstairs, another reboot, in CHANEL’s ready-to-wear department, is all about an immersive, exclusive way to experience a little more of that CHANEL indulgence. Our Saint Laurent and Akris shops open up just steps away, while to just the left (insider tip: pass through SPACE on your way), there’s a side-street discovery waiting for you.

Chanel Apparel


Saint Laurent Apparel

Saint Laurent Handbags


Expect a rich, redolent multisensory experience at Dolce&Gabbana, where it’s easy to imagine that the rose-printed dresses and red-walled boutique are a glimpse into the brand’s Milan-based home and headquarters.

Dolce & Gabbana

In the elegant and austere Valentino boutique, the current season’s explosion of pretty pastels, wildlife prints, tie-dye patterns and chic Rockstuds are offset by cool grey marble-like walls and shiny gold-toned hardware.

Careful, you might just get inspired to do a little remodeling around your home, too.





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