The Fendi Chameleon bags are priced from around $2,800 to get a fundamental boston, about $5,000 for the clutch, around $3,400 for the pochette and around $26,000 for a boston in exotic skins.Adele and Edoardo Fendi set their namesake lineup in 1925, opening a boutique next to the workshop at which Adele crafted leather goods […]

Launched in 2009, the Jual Fendi Peekaboo Replica Peekaboo needs no introduction. The bag itself is the symbol of fashion and everyone adores it. Now last year (in 2017), Fendi Peekaboo Burgundy Replica extended this line by introducing the Peekaboo Essential Bag, which is a new and slightly different version. And today they are releasing […]

Should you carry the bag with all the turnlocks closed, they are super easy to open and shut, and simple to do so while on your entire body. So overall this bag is actually functional and usable, which is why so many men and women adore it and it continues to remain as adored as […]

If you get to pick only one of Fendi’s trendiest bags, make sure you get to take home its iconic Peekaboo bag. Yes, the Peekaboo line has been in existence in the fashion world since its Spring/Summer 2009 collection therefore owning one is already a bragging right. Ever wondered why it’s called Peekaboo? Some theorized […]

The autumn has started and the summer is going to be so beautiful that the Fendi Peekaboo Heavy Replica Peekaboo Bag is starting to blossom. Well, we love the Peekaboo bag, don’t we? And especially when they’re available in single colors like these. But single colors with beautiful adornment is the new trend. These flowers […]

The Fendi Peekaboo Dark Green Replica Peekaboo obtained its name as leaving the bag unclasped offers peek at the inside. Most interiors provide offsetting colors, designs, and the unbelievably hard-to-get monster eyes (that version remains available, and I still sort of adore it–buy it).One of the best elements about the Peekaboo is how many options […]

It’s Roman leather and crazy colors with Fendi as they release another staple we all love – the Peekaboo Mini Clutch Bag, a stylish addition to any wardrobe. We totally adore this pretty little thing! The Selleria Peekaboo mini clutch is a favorite, mainly because of its great design and quality materials used to produce […]