Terrycloth appeared throughout the collection, popping on cosmetic pouches, bags and Baguette bags too. Even though a terrycloth bag is pool-worthy cool, Replica Fendi handbag has taken the terrycloth tote one step farther. Add this to the list of items designers make that we never knew we needed. Introducing: the Replica Fendi handbag Convertible Terry Towel Tote. Yes, you read that properly, Replica Fendi handbag is currently making a bag that doubles as a beach towel and I am here for it.
Growing up on Long Island, in a suburban town less than an hour out of New York , summers as a kid meant one thing: the shore. My mom and my aunt would pack each the kids up with a vehicle filled with goods almost regular. When I became old enough to pack my own beach bag, I realized just how annoying packaging for the beach actually is, which explains why I’m completely obsessed with this over-the-top expensive Replica Fendi handbag Terrycloth Tote that doubles as a beach bag.
This all in 1 tote/towel combo is pricey but functional, and if you love fashion and are able to splurge, why not? While I would love to see this hybrid towel/tote to learn how it really packs up and just how much space is leftover when the bag is folded to a bag, its description winners this dual duty bag as a’spacious bag’ which is completed with a simple over-the-shoulder handle.
This tote has me dreaming of summer days, boat trips, and Caribbean vacations. I would pair this with a swimsuit (of course), most likely a black one-piece using a simple white maxi-dress cover up, Birkenstock sandals and a straw hat. Though pining for experiences and things perhaps be somewhat sad at this time, it gives me a nostalgic sense of normalcy and I am seriously obsessed with that, true over-the-top, tote.